Sunday 4 June 2017 : Legstretchers Walk

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Sunday 4 June 2017 : Legstretchers Walk

Post by Julian » Mon May 29, 2017 9:29 am


Lots of people were asking on the walk yesterday about the Legstretchers walk next Sunday. This is for the moment being run as a joint walk between Hike Norfolk and Norwich Group and there are details at: ... 239230467/

In short, it's a longer distance walk.

However, some people want more information so let's go! Legstretchers is for the brave amongst us. It's a walk for those of us who wants challenges and in some instances to go a little further than we've walked before. So, if you're tempted by the challenge, then come along and see how you get on. The worst case scenario is that you might be tired by the end or have to wait to be picked up. But, we haven't had to do that yet, we've had walkers who have enjoyed the experience.

Bring lots of water and lots of food, this is an all-day event. Just imagine that, a whole day of chatting to friends old and new and discovering new gossip about Clive. In the last week alone we've discovered all about Clive's new cushions, something which will haunt some members of Hike Norfolk. And, hopefully, there might be some people from other groups, so you can tell them all about Hike Norfolk! Just a reminder though, the group's watershed is 9pm so don't go and breach that by revealing secrets at 2pm on a sunny day in North Norfolk.

Some people think that the pinnacle of walking is 10 miles. That is a very respectful distance, but imagine going further because 20 miles is double the fun! And double the fun means you can eat double the amount of food and have six pints of real ale instead of one pint. Drinking is exponential for anyone who asks, so there are real-world applications of maths.

So, anyone interest, then come along for the fun. Clive will be there in his shorts, I will be there looking confused and on this walk there is no limit on the number of sex toys that can be brought along. Just for any journalists, Hike Norfolk isn't a sex group, we just have a couple of enthusiastic members.

Oh, and bring sun screen. This is primarily because I'll forget and I might need to borrow some (thanks Sarah for yesterday). And also, Hike Norfolk have a new agony uncle to add to our array of experts. I can tell you everything you don't want to know about politics, Clive can tell you everything you might want to know about the A11 and Dating Dave can answer your every question on the finer arts of match-making. Although I don't know if Dave is coming on this walk, in which case Clive can step in and have a bash at answering any questions.

For anyone who doesn't have a bloody clue what I'm writing about, then you're not a current member of Hike Norfolk, but you'd be very welcome to join. We're irreverent, and frankly irrelevant, but we haven't got any complaints in recent months so we're doing something right.

Hope to see lots of you there next Sunday (details on the Meetup link above that Liam posted to save me bothering to look them up). Richard is also leading a short walk, but I doubt that will be as sexy as this one :)



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